Technology: Fueling the Revolution of the Coffee Value Chain

Technology-backed Transparency for the Coffee Industry.

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It’s not possible to speak about fairness, sustainability and transparency in coffee without speaking about technology.

We believe in using technology to create a more inclusive industry

Every minute, more than $1m USD are spent in farm subsidies worldwide [reference]. Unfortunately, much of these subsidies are not used for achieving the targets for sustainable development set out by the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, not to mention that subsidies often do not even reach the developing countries where coffee is produced. Charity, governmental aids and social programs are not long-term solutions to the ongoing farming crisis.

Coffee is a business for anyone involved in its value chain; it is a business for farmers as it is for roasters, importers and sellers. The goal of farmers is a reasonable profit, not the aid, not the charity, not to be at the center of social programs. In the end, farmers are just another value-chain business partner and should be treated and rewarded as such.



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