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In coffee there is one truth, the best cups of coffee originate at the farm.

We envision a coffee sector in which transparency meets quality, and sustainability is intertwined with unique coffee flavors.

Fantine helps coffee roasters source, export and import unique specialty green coffee in a more flexible, accessible and transparent way by working hand in hand with the most passionate producers around different regions in Colombia.

We provide careful descriptions of the coffee profile and its nuance aromatics and flavors, details on the farm and transparent pricing. Gone are the days of murky dealings and hidden agendas. Here, we proudly share farm-gate prices, empowering you with the knowledge of where your coffee dollars truly go. Because efficiency increases with volume, the larger the quantity of coffee you purchase, the more favorable prices you’ll obtain.

Each coffee sold through Fantine has undergone rigorous physical and sensory quality control, and most lots conform to the strictest quality standards.

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Type of green coffee beans

Through Fantine you can source different types of green coffee beans.

Controlled fermentation process- Green coffee beans

We call controlled fermentation coffee those coffee beans obtained through a specific protocol developed by the producer to promote outstanding profiles. These protocols can include traditional processes such as washed or natural, alone or combined in various stages of fermentation and generally include the use of tools to measure variables such as time, temperature, humidity as well as the intentional use of strains of microorganisms that positively affect the sensory profile.

Natural process- Green Coffee beans

We call natural coffee the coffee obtained by drying the whole ripe coffee cherries together with their peels without going through the pulping process. This allows a slow and prolonged fermentation inside the cherry.

Washed process- Green Coffee beans

We call washed coffee when cherries are depulped mechanically to take out the peel or naturally by fermenting the cherries in tanks to separate the mucilage from the beans, then washed with clean water before being taken to the drying patios or silos.

Honey process- Green Coffee beans

The process to obtain a honey coffee is an intermediate process between the two previous ones. The coffee is pulped (the peel is taken off) but the mucilage is kept on. Then beans are taken to the drying station.

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Why choose Fantine?

  • Make your consumers happy with coffees that are easy to enjoy and unique.

  • Support innovation at origin and an inclusive industry through our transparent sourcing model.
  • Get rid of the time-consuming process of logistics and procurement.
  • Develop strong long-term relationships with producers that share your vision.
  • We are not coffee producers nor mill owners, therefore we don’t have any hidden agenda to promote any specific coffee.

  • When buying through Fantine, you support small producers by helping them find the services they need when they don’t have any degree of vertical integration.
  • Are you a frequent customer? Receive pay later solutions to optimize your cash flow.
  • Go beyond the traditional exporter/importer model with zero accountability.
Fantine for Roasters

Fantine Green Coffee Export, Import and Logistics

Coffee roasters are continually looking for exceptional green beans, but coffee logistics are intricate. Once the link between the coffee farmer and roaster is forged, we step in to facilitate the importation of beans into the EU and the UK. Our support spans every phase of the journey, guaranteeing a seamless process from start to finish. From farm to roaster’s doorstep, we oversee the secure transportation of green coffee beans. Upholding a commitment to ethical business practices remains paramount throughout the entirety of our collaboration.

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