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Fantine for Roasters

  • The best way to source high-quality fresh coffee. Don’t let your coffee sit in a warehouse, buy from experienced producers in advance or just right during harvesting time.

  • Find the coffee you need. From high-quality regional blends to outstanding lots or micro-lots with different profiles from committed and competitive producers.

  • Certified sensory and physical quality. Each lot has gone through a rigorous quality check, carried out by certified Q graders at origin and destination.

  • Flexible quantities and easier logistics for roasters. Get rid of the time-consuming process of logistics and procurement.

  • Exclusivity. Let us know if you would like a certain lot of coffee exclusively for you in your country.

  • Support a coffee industry based on inclusivity and transparency.

  • Get to know the fascinating stories about the coffee, the producers, the origins.

  • Truly ethically sourced. Check out our work.

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