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Specialty green coffee directly from producers

Green Coffee Market
Fairness and Transparency in Coffee

Specialty green coffee directly from producers

Outstanding coffees for roasters.

Directly from the most prominent producers.|

Green Coffee Platform

Quality and Transparency in Coffee.

The new era of coffee is about quality and transparency.

Fantine is a B2B platform that enables roasters to source specialty green coffee directly from producers with 100% transparency and traceability.

Transparent & hassle-free coffee sourcing of unique coffees

Helping roasters around the world

Coffee Market

Fantine for Roasters

Fresh coffee directly from producers

Don’t let your coffee sit in a warehouse. Buy fresh and Q-certified coffee directly from committed and experienced producers.

Fairness, inclusivity and transparency

Support a coffee industry based on quality, inclusivity and transparency.

Easier logistics, flexible quantities

Get rid of the time-consuming process of logistics and procurement while doing direct trade, and focus entirely on your business.

Fantine for Roasters

Awards & Media

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