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Fantine digital green coffee importer

At the heart of exceptional coffee lies a fundamental truth: the finest cups originate from farms where quality, transparency, and sustainability converge. Our vision is to create a coffee industry where every step of the process, from farm to cup, is guided by a commitment to transparency, quality, and sustainability, resulting in unique flavors that not only delight the palate but also support the well-being of farmers, the environment, and the entire supply chain.

Fantine is dedicated to revolutionizing the way specialty green coffee is sourced, exported, and imported. By collaborating closely with passionate producers from various regions in Colombia, Fantine ensures a more flexible, accessible, and transparent process for coffee buyer.

Fantine provides detailed descriptions of each coffee’s profile, including its nuanced aromatics and flavors, as well as information about the farm and transparent pricing. This approach eliminates the uncertainty and hidden agendas often associated with coffee trading. Sharing farm-gate prices empowers customers with knowledge of where their coffee dollars are truly spent.

Additionally, Fantine’s pricing model is designed to reward larger quantity purchases with more favorable prices, thanks to the efficiencies gained through volume.

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Types of green coffee beans you can source through Fantine

Washed Process

Natural Process

Honey Process

Controlled Fermentation

Carbonic Maceration

Outstanding coffee for roasters.

Directly from the most prominent producers.

At Fantine, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality green coffee beans for roasters. However, the logistics and import of coffee can be complex. That’s why we step in to facilitate the importation process, ensuring a seamless experience from farm to roaster’s doorstep. Our customer support is comprehensive, covering every phase of the journey.

  • EASY ONLINE SHOPPING. Log in to your account, select your coffee, add it to cart, choose delivery method, payment options, check out and enjoy your green coffee.
  • NO MINIMUM ORDERS. There’s no minimum volume required. From small micro roasters to large scale roasters we got you covered.
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Sea and air international shipments to any country in the world from one box. Reach out to contact at for personalized quotes.
  • BOOK ON DEMAND. Contract your coffee in advance, get anticipated access to the best curated lots and receive better pricing.
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