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Explore the Terroirs of Colombia Cafetera

The diverse climate, topography and soil of Colombia make possible to produce an array of unique and diverse coffees available throughout the entire year. Colombian coffee farms are renowned for their high-quality Arabica beans, which are grown across 914,000 hectares of land in 5 main zones and 19 sub-regions. The country’s unique terroir, with its diverse landscapes, climate, and geography, contributes to the distinct flavor profiles of its coffee. From the Andes mountain range to the coastal regions, each area offers a unique set of conditions that shape the flavor, acidity, and body of the coffee.

Farm Sizes and Practices

Many coffee farms in Colombia are small, averaging about 1.5 hectares, with around 540,000 families farming coffee. The cultivation process involves meticulous attention to detail, from hand-picking only the ripest cherries to carefully processing them to preserve the flavors. By adhering to sustainable farming practices, the coffee growers in Colombia prioritize environmental conservation, ensuring the longevity of their coffee production while preserving the region’s natural beauty.

Terroir and Climate

The terroir of Colombian coffee is truly special, with the Andes mountain range providing ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The high elevation, combined with volcanic soil enriched with minerals, imparts unique flavors to the coffee beans. The temperature variations between day and night create optimal conditions for the development of complex aromas and flavors, resulting in a cup of coffee that is rich, vibrant, and full-bodied.

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