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Transparency in coffee is one of the most complex and substantial topics. We do our best to transmit the information that we consider key to understanding the economics behind coffee. In order for the international coffee trade to take place, there are several necessary actors such as exporters and logistics companies.

Behind each lot of beans on Fantine, there is a producer -or a group of producers- that, with a lot of effort, makes coffee possible. It is the producers who decide the selling price of their coffee.

Through Fantine, producers have already connected with their customers. Therefore the bargaining power remains in their hands and those of the roasters, allowing the other actors to capture the margin based on the value they generate in the chain.

When someone talks to you about coffee, you should know that the reference price is related to the form (type) in which the coffee was sold. Not all prices at the farm gate are equivalent because not all coffees were sold in the same way.

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