Our Mission

We believe that the entire coffee value chain needs to be redesigned in order to become completely transparent, efficient and able to generate win-win economic transactions.

Tomorrow’s economy will be driven by inclusive business models that reward excellence, quality and fair competitiveness.

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Fantine for Roasters

Fantine allows roasters to access thousands of different varieties of coffee harvested around the world, and to know firsthand all the information related to the grower and the coffee they are buying. Depending on the individual needs, Fantine can also assist with the buying process and the shipping of coffee.

  • Verified provenance

  • Certified quality

  • Transparency

  • Fresher coffee

  • Access to best coffee

  • Better customer value

  • Less intermediaries

  • Better prices

Fantine for Farmers

Fantine enables small-hold farmers and cooperatives to access new markets, set prices based on costs,  and fulfill orders in a near real-time manner. Fantine empowers coffee growers to break free from the top-down speculative pricing of traditional commodities markets by connecting growers directly with buyers.

  • New markets

  • New customers

  • Less market dependence

  • Higher income

  • Better lives

  • Better coffee

Our Commitment:

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