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Fantine’s Green Coffee Marketplace gives you access to specialty coffees from expert producers. You’ll find coffees that meet  your needs for taste, quality, budget and social impact, all in one place.

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Please note that the access to the marketplace is available only to verified roasters or businesses. If you are still in the process of starting your business or roastery please reach out after registering.

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High quality, fresh and sustainable green beans

Browse and buy coffees directly from our curated set of producers

Flexible quantities and easier logistics, shipped right to your door

You focus on your business, we help with logistics and procurement

Helping roasters connecting to producers

Helping producers and roasters create and maintain more direct and long-lasting relationship. Recognizing producers for their great work, giving roasters access to wonderful, unique and even cheaper coffees.

Find the best coffee for your needs

Sourcing green coffee should be as easy as ordering your favorite to-go cup. We created a web store that replaces old-school manual ordering with the high-speed functionality of e-commerce.

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Ethical direct trade made easy

Green coffee sourcing as it should be.
Powered by Technology.


Specialty green coffee from the world’s best suppliers

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