Green specialty coffee directly from the producer

How does it work?

Buy seasonal, differentiated or high social impact coffee lots without unnecessary intermediaries and promote a more equitable and quality-driven coffee industry.

Our language: Direct trade = Farm gate price

Fantine offers you two ways to source coffee ethically

Direct trade coffee

Buy directly from the producer

By buying a coffee lot directly from the Farmer you allow them to get a fair price for their effort and help build a transparent value chain.

Step 1. Filter your producer and coffee based on your needs
Step 2. Ask for samples & Cup, cup, cup.
Step 3. Book your coffee online.
Step 4. Receive your coffee without logistics cumbersome tasks.

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Buy coffee on demand

Design your coffee on demand

Find your producer, match your roasting values with farming values, select desired dates and quality.

Step 1. Find your perfect -green coffee- match.
Step 2. Order your own green coffee on demand. Pay safely online.
Step 3. Enhance your brand.
Step 4. Receive your coffee without logistics cumbersome tasks.

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Examples of coffees you can buy through our platform

Female coffee

Natural process

Young farmer

Wush wush


Peace coffee

Indigenous communities

Family farm

Yellow bourbon

Controlled fermentation


Marquesina drying

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